Innovating the Market of One-time Events

We’re bringing new services and possibilities. We provide a strong support for retailers and for festivals and one-time events as a whole. Nowadays, your event and retailing cannot move forward without establishing exact figures and setting the right business model.

Make Yourselves Known

Are you an organizer, retailer, agency, band, performer or supplier and are one-time events your field of interest? With NFCtron, you’ll be able to express your exceptionality. We’ll help and advise you so that you use the maximum of your potential.

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Paying Is Easier and Faster for Events’ Visitors

Get a complete summary of the events’ takings. Retailers won’t have to bother with cash or an out-of-order credit card terminal. You will also receive a complete final accounting and finances will be distributed automatically, immediately after the event.

How Paying Works

A Technological Partner

We’re constantly improving our products and we’re learning thanks to you as well. In NFCtron we believe in a fair business, which is why we create our services in a way that will bring new possibilities. Thanks to NFCtron Plus, we automatize the connection between organizers and retailers.

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