With the NFCtron app, you'll be unstoppable

The NFCtron mobile app gives you an overview of payments during the event. NFCtron makes festivals more enjoyable and safer for visitors and sellers.

About NFCtron

From the beginning, we have built our philosophy on a simple rule of thumb, but in practice it often seems an almost unattainable dream. It has to work, no matter what. This allows us to offer events and sellers the fastest payment at festivals and open up a new perspective on what's happening at their event.

417 events

used the NFCtron service in 2023 in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria.

+20 %

Event organizers enjoy higher sales without higher service costs.

Cosmic in-app ticketing

The NFCtron app is a festival wallet, where you can find events and new experiences, and thanks to the app, you are in control of your spending.

Chip and card payments

We always select the appropriate payment method for events and work on new solutions to provide an even better payment experience for event visitors and sellers.

Get more with NFCtron

Paying with NFCtron is safe and fast

  • Create an NFCtron account in the NFCtron app, it's the easiest way to top up your credit online, buy tickets and track your event spending.
  • Your receipts are available online. You can rate orders and provide feedback to sellers, which is also visible to event organizers.
  • Credit refunds are free of charge to accounts in CZK and EUR within SEPA within 14 days of the end of the event. Any unrefunded funds are sent to the organisers in full.

A payment system tailored to the needs of festivals.

  • Gain insight into event revenues, accelerate sales and set fair terms with external vendors.
  • Sell tickets online including extras and optimize sales with advanced tools in NFCtron Hub.
  • We will set up all the systems together so that they are not a burden, but instead make the organisation easier and ideally bring in more profits. With NFCtron, the road to the stars will be a breeze.

Hit the new events and keep your sales under control.

  • Create a profile on the NFCtron Marketplace to find a list of upcoming events. You can use it to contact the organisers of the events you would like to attend.
  • At the event you will receive a sales device from us, making sales a piece of cake. Payments are stable and fast, without delaying the customers or you.
  • After the event, we will send you the funds reduced by the organiser's commission, exactly as you agreed with the organiser in advance.

We are opening up new opportunities for event partners of all different sizes.

  • With the organisers, we will open up new possibilities for campaigns that combine the online and offline worlds and also offer the possibility of accurate impact analysis thanks to NFCtron data.

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Bianca sales app for NFCtron sellers

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Frequently asked questions

What is the best way to prepare for an event where you pay with NFCtron?

Before the event, we prepare a visitor information sheet with the organizer of the event, where we always describe whether the event is paid by card or chip. For events where payment is by chip, we recommend downloading the NFCtron mobile app and topping up your credit online.

Why do we prefer cashless payments and digital receipts?

At the very beginning, the NFCtron system provided the organisers with data on sales at the event and allowed them to set fair conditions for sellers. The NFCtron system also has the advantage of eliminating paper receipts. Thanks to the digital receipts, the visitor has an overview of the payments at the event and can also check their spending retrospectively.

Credit refund after the event

The credit refund request can be made via the mobile app or via an electronic receipt. Credit refunds are free for accounts in the same currency as the event currency. If the refund has to be converted to another currency, the refunded amount will be reduced by the exchange rate difference and in the case of non-SEPA banks, bank charges are also applied, which are beyond NFCtron's control.

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