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Seize Control of Your Event’s Space-time

NFCtron marks the beginning of a new era. A Big Bang in the event universe. A one-of-a-kind platform that connects organizers, salesmen and visitors of one event and offers its complete solution from a database of verified salesmen to the payment system itself.

Faster Payments, No Panicking

Avoid light-years-long lines at your event. Thanks to the NFCtron payment system, nobody will wait for their beer longer than necessary.

Get to Know Your Visitors

Do the data on your event end up in a black hole? With NFCtron Pass, you’ll have the information on all purchases and you’ll be able to monitor a visitor’s journey from purchasing the ticket to the final credit refund. These numbers will help you be even better next year.

Monitor Your Sales and Don’t Be Caught by Surprise

Have you sold a record amount of quark (cake)? How extraordinary! Don’t let anything at your event make you unsettled. In NFCtron Hub, both organizers and salesmen can monitor their takings in real time. That way they can adjust their supply easily and also check on the service from a distance.

All-star Salesmen Database

Have you been racking your brain trying to find salesmen that will help your event shine, but don’t want to spend time with a lengthy search in the depths of the Internet? NFCtron Hub, our system for organizers, provides a database of hundreds of verified salesmen.

User-friendly App for Visitors

Visitors have a simple mobile app available, where they can monitor their spending, rate their orders and have their credit returned after the event, from the comfort of their home. No rocket science.

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NFCtron is a complex platform for organizing and managing one-time events with an integrated payment system. We've been developing the whole interface since 2018 and this way we've been helping organizers with good-quality digitization on a long-term basis.

With our platform, digitizing any one-time event is a piece of cake. Thanks to NFCtron, organizers can provide their visitors with safe and fast payments that don't put a strain on the event's preparation or its budget, and will also get objective data on their sales and the visitors' behaviour. These can then be used to make the following seasons better. Last but not least, it also offers a database of verified salesmen that can be approached easily through the system.

Whether you're an organizer or a salesman, you won't avoid registration into NFCtron Hub. That's because it's the main web app for managing your event. Once you register, you'll be contacted by our support, who will help you create your profile and will help you with its settings, based on your requirements. Our support will be available later on as well, in the case of any questions or issues.

You can! All you need to do is install our app and you'll have your spending under control. Another option is to watch your spending through an online receipt that you'll receive by scanning the QR code you've gotten when activating your chip. It's nothing complicated and it's also the easiest way to have your remaining credit returned after the event.