Application for visitors

Unforgettable Festivals with Our System

We develop a complete solution for festivals and other one-time events by creating new services and possibilities for organisers, salesmen, and festivals.

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For Salesmen

Approach organisers, plan your season, go to events. Get to know the NFCtron world, where you can contact organisers. In 2022, 260 events and festivals rely on us.

For Organisers

Enter the world in which you can plan your event in a matter of minutes and rely on our market-changing system. You can choose from more than 550 amazing salesmen.

NFCtron Universe

We’re developing an app where visitors can find all the information they need–on what the event will be like, on its performers and programme, on what they spent in detail, on how they can recharge their credit, and much more is in store. Take a look at everything we’re building and creating.

NFCtron Pass

In this system, visitors can find everything from the events’ tickets to their programmes. It’s an important part of our ecosystem which every visitor and organiser of an event comes across. In 2021, NFCtron Pass was used by more than 60 thousand visitors.

NFCtron Support

Enter our NFCtron Support in which you can find all the manuals and information you might need.