We are digitizing Czech culture and changing the traditional form of payment, and we have big plans

It must work!

From the beginning, we built our payment philosophy on a simple rule, which often seems like an almost unattainable dream. It must work under any circumstances. This allows us to offer the sellers the fastest payments on festivals and give event organizers a new perspective on what is happening at their events.

Tribe — new corporate structure of NFCtron





NFCtron Leadership

Václav Jaroš

CEO NFCtron a.s., NFCtron Pay a.s.
Sales, Strategy and Partnerships

Libor Němeček

Vice-Chairman of the Board NFCtron a.s., Chairman NFCtron Pay a.s.
Investment and strategy

Jan Šimek

Member of the board NFCtron a.s.
Event Tribe Lead, Expansion and Partnerships

Filip Ditrich

Chief Product Officer NFCtron a.s., NFCtron Pay a.s.
Nebula and Core Tribe Lead, Frontend Chapter Lead

Markéta Kostelanská

Head Accounting and Reporting NFCtron a.s., NFCtron Pay a.s.
Finances, Accounting and Reporting

Roman Kuchařík

Chief Technology Officer NFCtron a.s., NFCtron Pay a.s.
Nautilus Tribe Lead, Mobile Chapter Lead

Laura Ďorďová

Chief Compliance Officer NFCtron Pay a.s.
Head of Compliance

Petr Zahradník Jr.

Chief Information Security Officer NFCtron Pay a.s.
Lead Backend Engineer for Nautilus

What's happening here

In NFCtron, the journey is the goal destination. We have vowed to innovate constantly and, when necessary, start over.

Our Journey

  1. The Rosé Wine Festival

    The event starts at 2:00 PM. Half an hour later, not a single chip is charged, and the app is full of errors. The signal keeps dropping at sales points because the NFCtron system has to be online continuously. This experience has proven to be crucial in our further development.

  2. All for NFCtron

    An important decision is coming in April 2018. Alongside Václav Jaroš stands Honza Šimek, and together with other team members, they officially established the NFCtron a. s. The telephone rings just after a few weeks; an unknown number is calling. The organizer of the SÁZAVAFEST music festival wonders whether the NFCtron solution would work at his event. We are cheering and setting up; it works! And we celebrate our first important success.

  3. The entry of a strategic financial partner

    In the same year, we manage an event without a system outage. It may seem like a given, but in reality, it is a great success. Libor Němeček is interested in the whole system, and after a few months, he became the company's strategic financial partner and helped us prepare for the season of 2019. We are ready to go all out, with over 90 upcoming events.

  4. A bittersweet event break

    The global pandemic is making events impossible, and no one is happy. We are faced with a difficult decision about the further existence of NFCtron, and ultimately, we choose the path of risk. The cultural pause gives us time and space to innovate. We put on masks and built our own development team. NFCtron Plus and NFCtron Pass, the first-generation ticketing sales portal, are born.

  5. An unexpected takeoff

    Culture is beginning to awaken after an infinitely long pause, and we are waiting to see what happens. Finally, we can hardly believe our eyes because we are participating in Rock for People: HOPE and Let It Roll: SAVE THE RAVE, events surpassing anything we have experienced. And because we love a challenge, we also throw ourselves into an unprecedented logistical operation. We have 11 events in one weekend, a situation that was unimaginable a few months ago.

  6. A small step for a person, a big step for NFCtron

    On April 22, 2022, we are hosting the NFCtron Keynote, our first conference. We are introducing new features in the NFCtron Hub and the brand-new NFCtron Bianca app. Our event time space is starting to fill up with events. NFCtron payments are used at over 250 festivals and one-time events, from Rammstein concerts to Rock for People and Let It Roll.

  7. We are building the company structure

    Before the busy 2022 season, we are undergoing our most significant transformation as a company. The main changes occur mainly in the event team, which moves entirely to Prague. Shortly before the season begins, Lucie Veľasová joins us as COO, the final piece to the NFCtron puzzle. Now we are ready to go to infinity and beyond.

  8. NFCtron Keynote 2023

    Další ročník konference, na které odhalujeme, co se děje v hlubinách NFCtron vesmíru, vítá více než 300 účastníků. Přibližujeme jim naše ambiciózní plány a navazujeme cenná partnerství. Poprvé odhalujeme co se děje v hlubinách vesmíru NFCtron současnosti i budoucnosti.

  9. Project Nautilus

    We introduce the revolutionary NFCtron Nautilus mobile payment terminal, an application built on SoftPOS technology. Roman Kuchařík, NFCtron Lead Mobile Developer, uses the technology to materialize our vision: to provide the fastest and most convenient payment experience for all customers and sellers. The mobile terminal is just the beginning of our journey, the first step forward in the event revolution.

  10. Nebulas are the birthplace of stars

    In the depths of code, Filip Ditrich, Lead Team NFCtron, and his team are creating the project Nebula. Something that has never been seen before on the festival market. It is a platform that will connect visitors across festivals and one-time events, enhancing the guests' experiences and providing even more benefits to organizers. Coming soon.

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