The NFCtron application for iOS is now available on the App Store

Tickets and loaded chips with the option to top-up or refund credit in one place. However, the new mobile application NFCtron for iOS can do much more. We have prepared a short introduction to the basic functions for you so that you can easily orient yourself right after downloading the application and not have to worry about anything during the event.

Keep spending and balance on your chip under control

On the main page, you will find an overview of chips and tickets or packages for check-in. After clicking on the chip detail, you can view a summary of the history of transactions performed, including the breakdown of orders - so you have spending under control. You can also live-track the balance on the chip during the event, rate orders, and provide important feedback to sellers and organizers. The application will also alert you if the credit balance on the chip is low, so you don't have to worry about not having enough money for an order.

Chips from previous events can be found in the archive, allowing you to easily access purchase receipts or spending summaries retrospectively.

The easiest ticket purchase or credit top-up before the event

The most significant innovation in the application is the ability to purchase tickets and top-up credit before entering the event. An easy ordering process awaits you, supported by all popular payment methods such as bank transfer, card payment, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

In addition, in individual categories, we offer the most interesting events where you can use NFCtron, with over 350 events scheduled in the Czech Republic and Slovakia this year. Among the events, you will find festivals and concerts where you can either purchase tickets with credit top-up or top-up credit if you already have a ticket with you. Explore what's happening in the festival market with the NFCtron app!

Credit refund to bank account with no fee

You can easily and quickly create a request for a refund of unused credit in the application during the event or anytime within 14 days after its end. You can create the request in a few clicks, just enter your bank account or IBAN, and you're done. We support sending funds to CZK or EUR accounts within SEPA free of charge, and you can track the status of your request in your chip overview.

The NFCtron application for iOS is available for free and in 4 language versions. You can enjoy the event in Czech, Slovak, English, or German. Along with downloading the application, we recommend creating an NFCtron account - it supports linking with Google, Facebook, or Apple ID accounts, giving you more than just access to events and festivals!

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