NFCtron expands card payments to events all around the Czech Republic

Over the last few years, NFCtron has changed the way of paying at festivals and concerts across all the Czech Republic. Organisers gave visitors a convenient and quick payment method and gained data thanks to which they can improve and move forward with future editions of their events. Now, we are working on a solution that will bring change to the card payment market and enable NFCtron its expansion to even more festivals.

From the very beginning, the option to top up the NFCtron chip with a payment card has been a standard feature. Moreover, the popularity of this method of topping up has increased significantly over the past 2 years and at some events it even exceeds 70 % of the topped-up funds (the average card top-up is around 44 %).

NFCtron provides a comprehensive service for both event organisers and vendors, from vendor registration for the event to automated billing and distribution of finances. Our goal from the start is to offer visitors the quickest and most convenient form of payment.

Chip payments move festivals forward

Paying with a chip wristband is a method that brings many benefits. These include, for example, the secure management of returnable cups, where visitors can only return as many cups as they have purchased. It also allows the organiser to have the venue divided into multiple zones and keep track of the current occupancy of each area. It should be stressed that chip payment does not require a constant internet connection so any network or bank outages will not jeopardize the continuity of transactions. This type of payment is also perfect for multi-day events and since the chip is integrated into the identification wristband, visitors do not have to worry about losing their money in the hustle and bustle of the festival. Another possible benefit is the differentiation of individual festival days for one-day visitors using wristbands of different colours.

A new era of payment is coming

Since 2021, we have been working on a solution that will ensure convenient card payments at all points of sale. The open payment model is suitable for events with no clearly defined area or for festivals with established internet connection. Our goal is to introduce a solution to the market that will allow visitors to easily pay by card just like with a chip, by simply tapping their card, mobile phone or watch to the back side of the sales device.

This year, we deployed the mobile terminal at Prima FRESH Festival, a series of 5 largest gastronomic events in the Czech Republic. People may have also encountered this type of payment at other events such as United Islands of Prague. So far, the largest event for us in this mode was the Metronome festival, which took place at the Prague Exhibition Grounds. Also, thanks to the NFCtron Pay, music enthusiasts can pay by card at the SaSaZu club.

Convenient for both visitors and vendors

Our mission is to ensure that the payment method at the event works smoothly, speeds up the order processing at the points of sale as much as possible and allows visitors to keep track of their expenses with ease. We build our solution to be trusted by both organisers and vendors. No more burdening the event staff with such things as complex order creation, rewriting of amounts or multi-step processes in a user interface which is simply not optimized for the kind of quick transactions that are needed at festivals.

With the features we are preparing, we believe that everyone will be assured that NFCtron can be relied upon anytime and anywhere. We are not afraid of opening doors to new opportunities and exploring the unexplored.

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