51 events in June trust NFCtron

Metalfest opened the doors to June events where NFCtron is used for payments. A total of 51 events await us, and we're sure more will be added, as our event team is working full throttle! We are preparing for festivals in the Czech Republic as well as Slovakia. We are also launching a series of concerts where payments will be made with cards, thanks to the NFCtron Pay solution. And where are you heading in June?

Tickets for Votvírák are now on sale through NFCtron

In May, we launched ticket sales for this year's Votvírák festival. Compared to last year, visitors will have the option to top up their credit directly with their ticket and upon entering the venue they can validate both, their ticket and credit. They won't need to visit a top-up station at all and can start having fun right from the entrance!

Fourth year with Rock for People

This June marks the fourth year that visitors in Park 360 will pay quickly and safely using chip bracelets at Rock for People. A new feature we have prepared this year with the organizers is an eco-friendly step – at the top-up stations, we will no longer print non-recyclable information sheets. To check your balance, all you need is the NFCtron mobile app, where you can also top up credit for your payments before the event.

Prague Open Air will energize Prague again after a year

The most interesting concerts from the Prague Open Air repertoire will once again resonate in Ledárny Braník and Občanská plovárna. This year, visitors can look forward to more than 40 different concerts, and names like Pokáč, Jana Kirschner, Horkýže Slíže, Mig 21, or Adam Ďurica will certainly not be missing!

At all these concerts, payments will be conveniently made with cards, watches, or phones thanks to NFCtron Pay, supported by NFCtron|Mastercard. Those without the option of contactless card payments can top up a chip bracelet for payments at both venues, which can be used at all concerts throughout the summer, keeping spendings perfectly under control!

The most modern shopping cart will be used by new festivals

Besides the events where NFCtron will facilitate easy payments, our team is also handling those where tickets are sold through NFCtron Tickets and the iOS mobile app. In the most modern shopping cart, you can get tickets for events like Love Sand Festival, Špunt Fest, Rossman Yoga Day or Statek u Jelínků, where concerts are held almost every summer weekend.

The last June weekend full of challenges

We'll end June on a high note! For the first time ever, visitors will pay with NFCtron at the Hip Hop žije festival in Bratislava on June 28-29th. However, this won't be our only event in Slovakia, our team will head to Topfest in Žilina on the same dates.

Besides events in Slovakia, we will head for the second season in a row to the Mighty Sounds festival, which will take over the airport in Tábor. In Prague, we will ensure convenient payments at the Mystic Sk8 Cup event just like last summer. Additionally, our last stop will be the Prima FRESH Festival, which we have supported this year together with Mastercard – on Friday, June 29th, visitors from Kroměříž will enjoy the gastro show for the first time.

June marks the beginning of the season for NFCtron. With our team expanding daily, we are determined to surpass 360 events this year. We are also continuously improving the NFCtron mobile app, which we introduced to the festival market in May – now you can add events and festivals to your favorites or learn even more about the event thanks to smart specifications.

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