At the NFCtron Keynote 2023, we presented novelties for the 2023 season as well as the Nebula and Nautilus projects

Audience of the event
On February 2, 2023, the second edition of the NFCtron Keynote took place in Prague's Cinema City Nový Smíchov. Over 300 guests, from the organizers, card associations, banks and the fintech scene, attended the event.

At 17:00, the presentation started with the story of NFCtron from the perspective of its founder Václav Jaroš. Together we delved into the depths of his business. We revealed why NFCtron was in the first place. We uncovered what we have sacrificed to run the company and what was the first event with the demand for our system. How did we survive the year of covid? How challenging it was to believe and how that dream became the NFCtron that was seen at 260 events in 2022.

Update of NFCtron Hub and NFCtron Bianca

For the upcoming 2023 season, we revealed news from the environment of NFCtron Bianca. They will be helpful not only for point-of-sale vendors but also for faster ticket controls. Both settings have already undergone significant changes during the last season. The system had to process up to 836 orders per minute at peak times. The speed of check-in and sales was a priority in 2022. The new season focuses primarily on security with the newly developed generation of NFCtron Bianca.

NFCtron Hub enters the new season with a fresh look. Organizers and retailers can look forward to a more transparent design and more detailed statistics to help them plan future editions of their events. It is essential to make decisions based on data, not just feelings. We are also preparing to launch a new Marketplace by the end of the year.

The most advanced purchasing process with NFCtron Tickets

NFCtron Tickets are already used by many organizers together with the NFCtron system. Mainly thanks to our experience from the 2022 season, we were able to create an entirely new purchasing process for even more convenient ticket purchases, made predominantly on mobile devices. We can see from the data that 83% of all orders are made via mobile phone.

For organizers, we are now offering the possibility to create personalized tickets, thanks to an easy-to-understand guide directly in the NFCtron Hub. During the 2023 season, we will enable visitors to use the Twisto payment method to buy tickets or credit "in thirds" or customize the tickets.

Digitalize your festival with Plzeňský Prazdroj

Together with Plzeňský Prazdroj and Katarína Haščáková, we introduced the Digitize Your Festival campaign. With the digitalization of the festival, the organizers can achieve higher sales at Plzeňský Prazdroj's points of sale. Primarily due to a controlled overview of the visitor's consumer behaviour at the event and the subsequent optimization of Plzeňský Prazdroj's portfolio.

Katarína Hasčáková also supported the campaign by showing actual examples that the data analysts at Plzeňský Prazdroj focus on. The opportunity to register an event to the campaign will be launched soon.

The nebulae are birthplace of the stars

Under the leadership of Filip Ditrich, Dev Team Lead NFCtron, we finally introduced you to the visitor platform's new look. Nebula brings something that has never been seen before in the festival market. With Nebula comes a platform that connects visitors across festivals and one-off events. We want to build a stronger community to amplify the experience of guests who wish to have fun above all else. With Project Nebula, this is possible. After all, nebulae are the birthplace of stars.

Expect more details of the project in the coming months.

Project Nautilus

The most important new product we introduced on February 2 is the NFCtron Nautilus. What is Nautilus? It is a payment terminal directly in the mobile phone, an application built on SoftPOS technology. Roman Kuchařík, NFCtron Lead Mobile Developer, revealed our thoughts and vision in its background. The mobile terminal is only the beginning of our continuing journey, which aims to provide convenient payment for customers and merchants.

Along with the introduction of NFCtron Nautilus, we appreciate the opportunity to announce our strategic collaboration with our partner Mastercard. Pavel Vavřínek, Sales Director for CZ & SK, disclosed this on behalf of Mastercard.

Thank you for your kind interest

The NFCtron Keynote wasn't just about us. It was about you and endless inspiration. After the presentation, the band Vega Elektra performed, and the guests had the space to share their first impressions, expectations and predictions with each other.

We appreciate that 315 people interested in the cultural environment and events gathered in one place. Our goal is to continue to open up new opportunities not only for one-off event organizers. We are not afraid to open doors to new opportunities. NFCtron is a technology company constantly innovating and changing the game's rules.

We want to thank our partner Mastercard for their support.

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