Introducing the forest restoration support project with Mastercard and the Priceless Planet Coalition.

At the NFCtron Keynote 2024, we introduced a project with Mastercard in collaboration with the Priceless Planet Coalition, aimed at supporting the restoration of habitats worldwide. In the NFCtron mobile app, everyone now has the opportunity to support forest restoration where it is most needed—with just a few clicks and the ability to choose the amount of support.

The goal of the Priceless Planet Coalition is to plant 100 million trees worldwide. At NFCtron, we like to set high goals, and sustainability is a significant challenge for us as well as for the festival market. That’s why we decided to create virtual festival forests with organizers, which will grow in places where their development will have the most positive impact. Thanks to NFCtron in the mobile app, everyone will have the opportunity to help plant trees - just make your choice.

Why is forest restoration important?

Restoring trees on the planet is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to mitigate the impacts of global greenhouse gas emissions. Sustainable forest restoration helps reduce the incidence of climate-related disasters, such as fires, floods and other natural disasters. In addition, tree planting brings economic value to local communities. For every dollar invested in land restoration, there is up to thirty dollars in economic benefit.

Festival visitors, organizers and all festival enthusiasts can help plant trees in places where their planting will have the most positive impact through financial contributions.

Festival forests in the NFCtron app 🌳

For NFCtron, sustainability and efforts to reduce the carbon footprint are crucial topics not just for the 2024 season. That’s why we decided to join the Priceless Planet Coalition. Together, we can achieve great things. Each festival can have its own forest, to which its visitors can contribute and observe how they build effective solutions to mitigate the impact of global greenhouse gas emissions as a community.

The first festival forest in the NFCtron mobile app is Šumperský MajáLES, which has set a goal to plant 1 000 trees.

How can you contribute?

It’s up to you how much you contribute and how many trees you decide to plant - you don't need to put on gloves or boots for this. You can contribute to a greener and more sustainable world from the comfort of your home, easily in the NFCtron mobile app - the amount is up to you and besides the good feeling, you might also gain benefits at your favorite festival. In the upcoming months, we plan to expand contribution options according to event payments or as an add-on to tickets.

For more information about the Priceless Planet Coalition visit their website.

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