Introducing the festivals and concerts supported by NFCtron and Mastercard in 2024

NFCtron, together with Mastercard, is distributing over 500 000 EUR among concerts and festivals in 2024. We help organizers bring new experiences to visitors and continually elevate festivals. The events included in the support will also be offered within exclusive deals in the new NFCtron app, even in the upcoming season.

At the NFCtron Keynote 2024, Václav Jaroš, CEO of NFCtron, along with Jana Lvová, GM of Mastercard CZ&SK, announced the support for the festival market. NFCtron will distribute 500 000 EUR in 2024 among 20 organizers who host events of various genres and sizes across the Czech Republic. We will gradually publish the events that received support on our website, as well as in the new NFCtron mobile app, where you can find them under a unified label.

Supporting Rock for People and Ed Sheeran concerts

A significant portion of the support in 2024 will go to the Rock for People festival and Ed Sheeran concerts, which will take place a few weeks later at Park 360. Visitors at both events will make payments using wristbands with chips. During Rock for People, it will also be possible to buy tickets online through the app, and as in previous years, visitors will be able to top up credit online before the event. More than 70% of visitors used this option in 2023.

Rock events, food festivals, and sports events

NFCtron supports events where payments are made via chip or card. These events include, for example, the Mountain Bike World Cup, this year under the WHOOP UCI MOUNTAIN BIKE WORLD SERIES 2024 brand. At the Prima FRESH Festival series, NFCtron and Mastercard have partnered with legendary restaurants. In 2024, support will also go to Metalfest and the Pekelný ostrov festival, which has been using the NFCtron system since 2019. Thanks to this support, Metalfest visitors will see performers comfortably on LED screens for the first time. 

This year, NFCtron is supporting events of various sizes. Organizers of the Šumperský Majáles festival will receive support, enabling them to offer a more attractive program and focus on ecology. Visitors to Vysočina Fest will also notice festival improvements this year. NFCtron's partnership with Prague Open Air and their concert series at Občanská plovárna and Ledárny is also very important.

Ticket sales and participation in the card payment program

The festivals included in the support use NFCtron services for payments and ticket sales either for 2024 or 2025. NFCtron and Mastercard aim to enhance the visitor experience at events and prepare events for future integration with the digital world.

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