Seamless payment is no longer the music of future

NFCtron is a comprehensive payment system and platform for managing one-time events and festivals. Through it, you can plan your event and sell tickets, and visitors can purchase products quickly and comfortably thanks to our payment solution. In addition, organizers and sellers will gain valuable data, enabling them to plan better and easily adapt to a specific demand in real time. Discover a new payment dimension with NFCtron.

Mastercard Awards
Fintech Innovation
Mastercard Awards
Fintech Innovation

Make smart decisions based on hard data

Online tickets quickly and easily

We’ll provide you with the easiest form of ticket sales directly from your mobile phone. Everyone will be able to buy a ticket with just a few clicks.

A payment system that will open your eyes

Get access to precise statistics and analytics. Find out which products are selling the most and which are not selling at all, where people are moving, and which sellers stand out the most.

The fastest way of payment without endless queues

We believe that payment should not take time. There will not be any crowds of impatient visitors standing in line longer than necessary.

Database of stellar sellers

Avoid time consuming research for reliable sellers. NFCtron Marketplace provides a database of nearly a thousand verified contacts.

The best payment solution in the one-time event market

Payments are under control and without worries. Just request our payment solution, and we will take care of the rest. Visitors can easily and swiftly pay with it, and organizers will receive a significant amount of data that will make their next event even better. Purchase statistics will reveal which drink is the most popular among customers and advise which food to better skip next time. The transparent payment system does not allow any inaccuracies, and the organizers will choose, based on our recommendation, whether they want to enable credit card or festival chip payments.

Have your event fully under control with NFCtron Hub

We have developed a unique environment customized for organizers. In NFCtron Hub, you can easily close verified agreements with sellers, track ticket sales, and explore detailed analytics. During the event, you can easily check the range of products, sales speed, and visitor movements. In real time, even from your mobile phone.

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Enter and discover the magic of data

In NFCtron Tickets, visitors can purchase tickets under the most favorable conditions, as we do not charge any fees to the tickets. In addition, by combining the NFCtron Tickets and payment system, organizers will gain even more accurate sales and customer behavior statistics.

We are changing the world of cashless payments

Based on hundreds of thousands of payment transactions processed through our system, we are developing a unique mobile payment terminal—NFCtron Nautilus. Accepting payments will never be the same again.

With support

Shine with NFCtron

Together we will find a solution for you

The NFCtron system is not just for the greats. It is designed to help international festivals as well as the smallest events, from city markets to fairs to food festivals and concerts of local artists.

How can NFCtron help my event?

Sell smart and earn more

It is easier than it seems, really. With NFCtron, you will gain access to more events; our support team will help you with all the setup and provide you with sales devices that make payments quick and transparent. On top of all that, you will have access to sales statistics to keep you moving forward.

Is NFCtron worth it?

Enjoy the event to the fullest

Lighten your pockets and leave your wallet at home. Pay with a chip or credit card and track your spending in the NFCtron mobile app. You can also top-up your credits via the app in advance and simply refund the remaining credit after the event.

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Catering under control

Are you providing catering services for your client and looking for a modern payment solution that suits the needs of the event? With NFCtron, you guarantee fast payments for customers and get precise data with feedback directly from the end customers.

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Become a part of the digital transformation of culture

We bring card payments to one-time cultural events and festivals. We collaborate with banks, payment service providers, and card associations to offer the best services at a competitive price. We are digitizing Czech culture, and now you can be a part of it.

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Analyze sales and increase profits

Do you supply products to festivals and other one-time events? With NFCtron, you will gain a comprehensive sales overview at all events in your region. You can optimize your portfolio and also gain access to new events.

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NFCtron is a complex platform for organizing and managing one-time events with an integrated payment system. We've been developing the whole interface since 2018 and this way we've been helping organizers with good-quality digitization on a long-term basis.

With our platform, digitizing any one-time event is a piece of cake. Thanks to NFCtron, organizers can provide their visitors with safe and fast payments that don't put a strain on the event's preparation or its budget, and will also get objective data on their sales and the visitors' behaviour. These can then be used to make the following seasons better. Last but not least, it also offers a database of verified salesmen that can be approached easily through the system.

You can! All you need to do is install our app and you'll have your spending under control. Another option is to watch your spending through an online receipt that you'll receive by scanning the QR code you've gotten when activating your chip. It's nothing complicated and it's also the easiest way to have your remaining credit returned after the event.