I want NFCtron

Don’t Drag Your Wallet Around, the App Is More Compact

Need to check if you have enough money left for another drink? Have you just been served by the nicest person in the world and you’d like to shout it to the whole universe? Or has the festival ended, there’s money left on your chip and you’re looking for the fastest way how you can have it returned? Our app is the answer to all these questions! Download it and enjoy the festival to the fullest!

Have Your Spending Under Control

You’ve definitely been there, standing in a never-ending line, throat dry as the Sahara, you finally order and pay–oops, there’s no credit left. If only you had known in advance how much money was left on your chip. Well, good news! With our app, you’ll have your expenses under control. Anytime and anywhere.

Get Your Remaining Money Refunded at the Speed of Light

The festival’s just ended, you’re full of experiences and the last thing you want to think about right now is how to get back the money you didn’t spend. In the app, it’s just a couple clicks and you’re done.

Rate Your Purchase

Have you been served by the most pleasant person in a long time? Have you received an extra serving of fries just because you look good today? That deserves a positive rating! With the app, you can do so right after the purchase. An instant karma in a couple clicks.

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