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It’s Time

to rely on our system and marketplace which helps you plan the whole event

We’re creating the NFCtron ecosystem for you to take care of your visitors and salesmen.

salesmen you can choose from
organisers rely on us
events in 2022

What We’re Creating

1. Marketplace

Every salesman has its own profile, where you can find everything you need–from the products they offer together with their prices, to history, reviews, experience and financial requirements. This way you can pick the best ones for you.

2. A Payment System

Salesmen have our device available. Visitors receive chip wristbands. You can see up-to-date information on how busy the salesmen are, on tickets that were sold and other details you need to manage your event carefully.

3. An App

Visitors can use our app, in which they can find the event’s programme, everything about its performers, but also an overview of their spending. They can recharge their credit and we also keep adding new features.

4. Additional Purchases

Mix and design what the visitors can buy prior to the event. From T-shirts and caps to parking spots, whatever you wish for.

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How It Works

1. You’ll enter NFCtron Hub
2. We’ll help you create your profile
3. We’ll register your events
4. We’ll take care of the events’ details for salesmen
5. We’ll show you how to proceed