Visitors and Organizers Are Closer to Each Other than Ever

With NFCtron Pass, organizers can always be in touch with their visitors. Buying event tickets has never been easier.

Anytime and Anywhere

Let your visitors buy their tickets in just a few clicks on their phones, whether it is months before the event or just a couple minutes till their favorite band’s performance starts. With NFCtron, visitors will never get lost at your event, they won’t miss anything and it’s likely they will also discover something new. NFCtron Pass enables you to communicate with your visitors long-term and offer them just what they are interested in.


NFCtron Pass can manage even the high demands of when tickets go on sale for thousands of visitors.


Refilling credit and buying tickets takes just a couple clicks and can be done on a phone.


An interface optimized for smartphones. All the event information in one place.

Straight Away to Have a beer cider burger salad sushi

Make use of NFCtron’s benefits to the fullest. To refill their credit, visitors don’t need to stand in any line—they can simply do so through a phone payment, either when buying their ticket or just a few days prior to the event. At the entrance, they will show a QR code, get their chip and…that’s it. They can now run to the mosh pit by the stage or to have a drink with friends. And you can keep track of it all.

All the Events Spread out Clearly

In the Event Detail section, visitors can find all the important information on the event: programme, performing bands and other artists, additional workshops for sale, parking information and the electronic receipt with an overview of their spendings at the event. Moreover, thanks to notifications, you will be able to easily communicate with your visitors.

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