We’ll Open Up New Possibilities for You

With NFCtron Plus, communication between organisers, retailers and suppliers gets easier. Our experience has helped us discover what obstacles may arise in the world of one-time events and with joint efforts, we can reduce them.

What you’ll get out of NFCtron Plus

It smoothes the communication between organisers, retailers and suppliers
You’ll gain an insight into the world of one-time events
It helps you organise better events and provide visitors with a wonderful experience
You’ll have access to the information about your events

How It Works

Sign Up

Select whether you wish to create an organiser, retailer or service profile and register into NFCtron Plus.

We’ll Create Your Profile

As soon as you provide all the needed information, we’ll make you a profile that will impress everybody and persuade them about choosing you.

New Possibilities Will Open Up for You

A complete profile on NFCtron Plus will let the world know about you. You’ll receive information that will help you improve the services you offer and consequently, give your visitors a more enjoyable experience.


  • Give retailers and suppliers a chance to to sign up for your event
  • Present your requirements and the sales outlets you offer
  • Learn the needs and conditions of the retailers and suppliers
  • Keep track of all your events
  • Put together the event of your dreams
  • Present your sales outlet and your stock
  • Let others know about your goals and motivations
  • Get a chance to sign up for the events you wish to take part of
  • State the business model you prefer
  • Organisers will learn about your technical specifications and recommendations for a hassle-free operation
  • Present your services to the organisers
  • Get a chance to sign up for events
  • Let the organisers know about your requirements
  • They’ll know both your main and additional services

Do You Have Any Questions?

Creating a profile on NFCtron Plus won’t cost you anything. Only if you wish to get all the functions and information it offers will you pay a monthly fee.

We’ll set up NFCtron Plus in the fall of 2020. We want to work the bugs out so that it's fully ready and running.

Do you wish to know more about NFCtron Plus or the NFCtron system? Have a look at point.nfctron.com, where you can find the answers to your questions.