We’ll Open Up New Possibilities for You

With NFCtron Plus, communication between organisers, retailers and suppliers gets easier. Our experience has helped us discover what obstacles may arise in the world of one-time events and with joint efforts, we can reduce them.

We Will Help You Create an Appealing Profile

NFCtron Plus will help you create a profile of your sales booth or your festival or other one-time event. Your profile will be visible only to verified organizers and retailers. We place a great emphasis on profile quality and NFCtron Plus is a tool that will help restart the market of one-time events, festivals and street markets.

Exchange Offers and Connect with Others

Once your profile is complete, you can approach other events or retailers. You will see all offers and demands clearly on one page. Putting the season together couldn’t be easier. Organizers will appreciate the detailed information on every retailer and settling the terms clearly prior to the event.

Real-time Statistic on the Events—Anywhere

In NFCtron Plus, both retailers and organizers can now find the sales statistics from an event. Thanks to our cooperation with retailers, we deal with everything from product management, pricing and exclusivity during events to the final accounting and distributing finances afterwards.