For organizers 20. 05. 2024

Introducing the festivals and concerts supported by NFCtron and Mastercard in 2024

NFCtron, together with Mastercard, is distributing over 500 000 EUR among concerts and festivals in 2024. We help organizers bring new experiences to visitors and continually elevate…

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At the AC/DC concert we pay with NFCtron!

How does paying with NFCtron work? How does credit top-up work and what should I do if I have…

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In July NFCtron kicks it up a notch with 52 unforgettable events!

Summer holidays are here and with them the hot festival season. We have a whopping 52 events coming…

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Introducing the forest restoration support project with Mastercard and the Priceless Planet Coalition.

At the NFCtron Keynote 2024, we introduced a project with Mastercard in collaboration with the…

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