NFCtron Universe 16. 01. 2024

NFCtron Keynote 2024 kicks off on February 29th, marking a new era for NFCtron

NFCtron Keynote 2024, Cinema City Nový Smíchov

We invite you to the 3rd annual NFCtron Keynote, which will take place on February 29, 2024, at Cinema City Nový Smíchov. After a year, organizers of Czech and Slovak festivals,…

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Who is behind Hell Island in Holýšov? Interview with organizer Jan Halík

With our payment system and ticket sales solution, we cover music festivals and concerts of all…

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An evening full of inspiration and innovations, that was NFCtron Keynote 2024

NFCtron Keynote 2024 took place on February 29th at Cinema City Nový Smíchov in Prague. Over 320…

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Announcement of the winners of the NFCtron Awards 2024

We have identified the winner of the historically first NFCtron Awards. At the NFCtron Keynote, we…

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