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Reliable cashless system

for one-time events and festivals

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What is NFCtron?

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Stable system
NFCtron system is rock solid. Doesn't crash. Stability is one of our foremost priorities when we are developing our solution. And we know what we are talking about. We too organize events.
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Satisfied customer
We work with those that think pro-customer. Satisfied customer = profit, future collaboration, development. From the customer's point of view NFCtron is the most comfortable solution on the market.
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Satisfied vendor
Being able to serve customers as fast as possible is a priority. We advise how to minimise expenses for vendors. All-round service, from installation to education is our virtue.
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Accurate numbers
It's not just about having data, it's about the know-how. After every event we sit down with you and talk about the next steps. Access to the real data? No problem.
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Box-office flow
No two events are the same. Every organizer has different priorities. That's why we approach each event individually and come up with the optimal flow for the customer.
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NFCtron will lead you
The first event is always the most difficult. Our amazing team with extensive experience will lead you step-by-step through the whole process. Just ask our clients. Thank you.
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And that's just the beginning!

Reviews of event visitors

Event-organizers' reviews

Bob Fleck
Main Organiser FAJTFEST

Deployment of a cashless system was a leap of faith for us… I wanted to wait a few years, but my friends, thankfully, changed my mind. Today I simply cannot imagine FajtFest without NFCtron.

I can tell you that our turnover grew dramatically and, more importantly, we have our money under control. Before NFCtron, stock records after festival weren´t exactly lining up with accounting numbers. I cannot forget to mention the dashboard with statistics about transactions, which I can access instantly from my smartphone. I can see precisely what, when and how much we sell at any POS or bar.

Vendors' reviews

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Our satisfied clients

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Our team

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Vojtěch Štěpančík

Technological specialist
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Veronika Baranková

Graphic designer