Control the space-time of your event

NFCtron has caused a big bang in the event universe by bringing the one and only platform that connects organizers, salesmen and visitors. In addition, we offer organizers a complete solution for managing their event, from the payment system to sales statistics to transparent billing and visitor feedback. Join us in the digital revolution in culture.

NFCtron will change your view on the world of events once and for all

Ticket purchase in just a few clicks

Did you know that 90 % of visitors purchase tickets from their mobile phones? We do, which is why we have optimized the purchasing process to make it convenient for everyone and ensure that users do not find themselves in a black hole. Data shows that with NFCtron Tickets people complete purchases more often and on top of that they top up their credit or add another night at the campsite to their order.

Lightning-fast payments bring higher sales

When it comes to paying, no one has to search high and low for their wallet or turn their pocket out to find spare change. No one holds up the queue and it goes like a clockwork. At nearly eight hundred events to date, we have confirmed that you will earn more with our payment system. And it is only up to you whether you choose chip or card payments at your event.

Get to know your event

No more secrets. With our NFCtron Hub, you will keep track of everything. You will find there many things such as overview on purchases, visitor movements, statistics and detailed analytics. All in real time. Plus, after the event, we will handle all the billing for you so you do not have to worry about someone running off with your commission.

No rocket science, anyone can do it with us

It does not matter if you are organizing an international music festival or a country fair. If there are more than one hundred visitors expected at your event, NFCtron will make your work easier. Together, we will set up all the systems so that they are not a nuisance, but on the contrary, they make the organisation a lot easier and ideally bring in more revenue. With NFCtron, the path to the stars will be a breeze.

The easiest payments with just a wave of the hand

One hand movement. That is all that visitors have to do to get anything they want. That is how easy it is to pay with NFCtron. Plus, as an organizer, you can decide if you want to do the chip wristband method or let people pay by card at your event.

Your own e-shop with tickets

Avoid expensive ticket intermediaries, manage the ticket sales from the same platform as the rest of your event, offer promotional packages and get even more valuable data.

  • Attractive environment for ticket sales and other additional services.
  • Create customized partner tickets directly from the NFCtron Hub.
  • Detailed statistics including integration with Google Analytics and Meta Pixel.

How does the cooperation work?

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