In 2024, they will dominate the space-time of their event for the first time

It’s a great honour to collaborate with the NFCtron company, using their system that’s brought SÁZAVAFEST a big step further. Thanks to the payment system we provided our visitors with a service that’s made their purchases more enjoyable. For us organizers, it’s made our work easier and the sales faster.

Andrea Zdarsová
Director Sázavafestu

Our first collaboration with the NFCtron company was the Prima FRESH festival tour 2021. Switching to the cashless system wasn’t an easy decision, but looking back I see it as a good one. Thanks to the NFCtron system, we could work with real sales data for the first time.

That’s enabled us to optimize the numbers of the points of sale and their constitution. What I appreciate is how helpful and professional the technical support and the whole team are. I can recommend working with NFCtron.

Petr Jirásek
Organizer Prima Fresh Festival

NFCtron has come along and changed the user experience on the festival scene. Today, when I go to a festival that doesn’t use their services, I feel like I’m in prehistoric times. For me, it’s also great with regards to the sustainability of the event—the system of all the backups (cups, plates and other stuff) is easier, clearer and more convenient thanks to NFCtron.

Matěj Ostárek
Organizer Štěrkovna Open Music, reBarbora

Our event has been with NFCtron since the 2nd year and we can’t imagine it being any different. Thanks to the data, we can optimize a rosier castle garden with the next edition. Mainly, the whole digitization thing is great in that we don’t need more human resources for trivial and repetitive things.

Aleš Mejzlík
Organizer Slavnosti růžového vína Třebíč

We “stumbled” upon NFCtron 6 years ago while organizing the first wine festivals. Just as our demands and requirements for a cashless payment system evolve over time, NFCtron continues to come up with new innovations and gadgets. For example, every year we fine-tune the process of how best to work with VIP customers and VIP credit payments.

Nowadays, we can’t imagine paying at wine festivals other than cashless and having our hands free for a glass of wine. We also appreciate flexible communication with company representatives.

Hana Vrublová
Organizer Navínko

This year, we used the NFCtron system for the first time at the three-day event Prague Harley Days and Burgerfest 2022. Thanks to this cashless solution with its own mobile application, we made shopping easier and more transparent for tens of thousands of visitors and sales for more than a hundred vendors.

For us as organizers, this solution means above all that we can conveniently work with real data of all sales that took place at the event and optimize for next year’s numbers of sales points and their composition or inventory of goods such as returnable cups, partner products and event merchandise. We appreciate the constant development of the app, the communication with the company representatives who have become more a part of our production team and of course the very flexible on-site technical support.

Michal Šesták
Organizer Burger Fest & Prague Harley Days

We greatly appreciate the cooperation with NFCtron, which, in addition to simplifying payments for customers and stallholders, has enabled us to manage the festival based on data. We now know which drinks people want to drink the most at the festival, and we also know which foods don’t work for us.

Petr Šuška
Organizer Šumperský Majáles