Where are we heading in April?

In April 2024, we are entering another season. We are embarking on activities with a team stronger than ever before. Our calendar is gradually filling up, and our Events Tribe communicates daily with new organizers exploring the NFCtron universe. And where will NFCtron be accepted in April?

Organizers have acquired enhanced statistics for this year's season, ticket sales predictions, and in March, we also launched a new version of the NFCtron Hub's home screen. Sellers in April will also appreciate enhanced exports or real-time online transaction displays. The innovations that will drive events and festivals not only in April were introduced at the NFCtron Keynote 2024.

We have Prague Beer Fest ahead, as well as family events.

For the second year in a row, NFCtron will be accepted at the Prague Beer Fest. The sixth annual festival will take place on April 12-13 at the Holešovice Market. Visitors will have the opportunity to taste beers from more than 50 domestic and international craft breweries. A diverse range of workshops, lectures, and tastings awaits!

Tickets for Prague Beer Fest with the option to top up credit online can be found on NFCtron Tickets.

In April, we will also attend family events. One of them will be the traditional Festival ABC, which will welcome visitors to the National Agricultural Museum in Prague on the weekend of April 27-28. Children and adults can look forward to a packed program at the museum, and tickets are available through NFCtron Tickets.

Another family event will be the Čarodky na Bzzzukotu event, which will take place in Brno on the last day of April. At Bzzzukotu, visitors will traditionally pay with a chip bracelet, which they can top up on the spot.

New event: Makro Czech Fest

On April 12, at the O2 universum, the best of Czech gastronomy will come together in one place, and we'll be there. Over two days, visitors will be able to taste great food and drink from restaurant owners, chefs, suppliers, and most importantly, from the general public, and be part of an unforgettable program. Thanks to NFCtron, they can conveniently, quickly, and above all, securely pay by card at sales points.

Building a team of the best for the 2024 season

The new season brings new challenges, one of which is building a quality team of our temporary workers whom we trust. Working at NFCtron is not just a job, it's a starting position that offers an opportunity to demonstrate oneself and become a member of the NFCtron team. In April, we are entering the season with a team of over 500 talented temporary workers, which we plan to triple during the season. You can find the vacancies we offer for the 2024 season here, opening doors to new opportunities.

In April, we will also introduce further innovations that we are currently working on. A new mobile application for iOS will be available soon, and by the end of April, we will announce events that will receive financial support from the 12,000,000 CZK package we are distributing this year thanks to the support from Mastercard.

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