An evening full of inspiration and innovations, that was NFCtron Keynote 2024

NFCtron Keynote 2024 took place on February 29th at Cinema City Nový Smíchov in Prague. Over 320 guests attended the event, including organizers, representatives from banks, and fintech companies. Representatives from Komerční banka and Mastercard supported our activities on stage. The winners of the historic first edition of NFCtron Awards 2024 were announced at the NFCtron Keynote.

In the spirit of challenges, and it is appropriate to add, also in the spirit of inspiration. That was this year's edition. Václav Jaroš opened the evening with the words "Today I don't want to sell you NFCtron services, today I want to inspire you."

Organizers Attract New Visitors with NFCtron Tickets

We launched the first version of the shopping cart in 2020, continuously improving it since then, and for 2024, we are introducing a significant update optimized to help you attract new visitors. We have expanded statistics for organizers in NFCtron Hub with a detailed view of venue occupancy plans with seats and zones. For the first time, thanks to NFCtron Hub, it's possible to look into the future and optimize campaigns based on intelligent ticket predictions.

NFCtron Awards 2024

For the first time, we announced the winners of NFCtron Awards during NFCtron Keynote. In the category of sustainable project at a festival in 2023, Rock for People won the most interesting festival innovation of 2023 was the serial gastronomy event Prima FRESH Festival, the production team of 2023 was Beatworx, and the daring festival became Demolition Derby. Winners received unique meteorite-inspired awards. More about the winners and NFCtron Awards can be found on the NFCtron Blog.

Launch of NFCtron Nautilus is Approaching

In 2023, we introduced the NFCtron Nautilus mobile terminal project. Currently, the product is undergoing certification phases. Roman Kuchárik, our Chief Technology Officer, oversees it technically and Laura Ďorďová is responsible for the compliance section. Our goal for 2024 is to start pilot operation of our solution with the first sellers.

Introducing a New Mobile App for Visitors with New Partners

Hundreds of thousands of visitors used the NFCtron mobile app in 2023, and throughout the entire summer festival season, it consistently ranked among the most downloaded apps in the finance category. That's why we've been working for over a year on a new version of the app that will take the visitor experience to a completely different dimension.


Filip Ditrich, Chief Product Officer, oversees the entire Nebula project under which the mobile app is being developed. It's not just an ordinary festival app. It's a platform aimed at opening new possibilities for organizers. Yes, the app will offer all the important information about concerts and festivals, convenient ticket purchases, or tracking spending for event visitors. But above all, we present opportunities for partner integration.

We are preparing a collaboration with Komerční banka, and Marek Pechlát, Chapter Lead for Cards KB, outlined this collaboration with NFCtron. But it's not just about integrating partners into our app. With Magenta Moments from T-Mobile, we show that any place can become a ticket purchase and new visitor acquisition venue for an event.

With Mastercard in 2024, we'll distribute 12,000,000 CZK among one-time events

NFCtron prides itself on transparent communication and the effort to constantly push the boundaries of possibilities. With Mastercard, we jointly supported the Prague Music Week project for the first time in 2023, and by 2024, we're coming with an even more ambitious support of 12,000,000 CZK, which we want to distribute among the most interesting events in the Czech Republic.

Jana Lvová, the new General Manager of Mastercard for the Czech and Slovak markets, explained at the NFCtron Keynote why collaboration with NFCtron is important for Mastercard. Financial support will be provided to events that use NFCtron services and have ambitions to increase the comfort of their visitors. Festivals receiving this support will be announced during the first half of 2024.

For NFCtron, sustainability and efforts to reduce the carbon footprint are one of the most crucial topics. Therefore, we have connected with the Priceless Planet Coalition and will launch the option to establish festival forests within the app, where organizers, visitors, and NFCtron can contribute and support the restoration of biotopes and forest stands in a simple way.

NFCtron is entering a new era in 2024. Moreover, since June, the Prague headquarters will move to new premises in the LIFE building at Brumlovka. Those who pursue their dreams never look back. Thank you to all the guests who attended NFCtron Keynote. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

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