We present the nominations for the NFCtron Awards 2024

Introducing the nominations for the NFCtron Awards 2024! We have selected the most interesting projects from festivals, and in collaboration with NFCtron Event Tribe, compiled nominations in 4 different categories. The winners of the inaugural year will receive original prizes from artists Tomáš Kučera and Klára Janypková at the NFCtron Keynote.

Since 2018, NFCtron has had the opportunity to encounter hundreds of Czech and international events and festivals. We have experienced many of them for several consecutive years, observing their gradual development, transformations, and growth. That's why in the fall of 2023, we decided to establish the NFCtron Awards to recognize specific festivals and teams responsible for their realization.

For the pilot year of NFCtron Awards, which will be part of NFCtron Keynote, we have prepared a total of 4 categories of nominations. In three of them, we will recognize selected festivals, and in the fourth, the production team directly responsible for organizing the event.

Sustainable Project at the Festival in 2023

Sustainability is a significant challenge for both festivals and NFCtron in the future. Many events are already striving to balance reducing their carbon footprint, improving waste sorting, and maintaining associated new financial costs at a reasonable level. Festivals increasingly feature reusable cups, cans, or stages powered by solar or hydrogen electricity.

In this category, we nominate FarmaFest, Let It Roll, Rock for People, and the extraordinary project festival Štěrkovňa Open Music. The representative from Komerční banka, a long-time supporter of sustainability activities, will present the award to the winner at the NFCtron Keynote.

Most Interesting Festival Innovation of 2023

NFCtron is keenly interested in the technological novelties that festivals prepare for visitors and how they enhance their comfort. In this category, we have selected events that have moved forward in this regard and can serve as inspiration and a model for others. Comfort is crucial to festivalgoers, influencing their choice of a favorite festival.

The nominees for the most interesting festival innovation of 2023 are the Slovak festival Helfest, Prague Music Week, Prima FRESH Festival, and Let It Roll – the world's largest drum and bass festival. The festival award will be presented by Jana Lvová, the General Manager for the Czech Republic and Slovakia at Mastercard.

Bold Festival of 2023

Each festival year is exceptional in its own way. However, in 2023, some festivals made significant changes - introduced entrance fees, altered the event concept, or elevated the event's possibilities to the next level. Throughout the year, we had the opportunity, as never before, to witness the creation of entirely new festivals.

In this category, we nominated the event Demolition Derby, LOVESTREAM Festival near Bratislava, Pilsner Fest, and Slavnosti Břeclav. The courage award for 2023 will be presented at the NFCtron Keynote by Libor Němeček, the Vice Chairman of the Board of NFCtron.

Production Person or Team of 2023 

Without the enthusiasm and hard work of organizers, no events would come to fruition. Although it is undoubtedly challenging to select the best, we focused on how a team operates both before and during the event and how well-prepared it is for the unpredictable situations that events are full of.

In this category, we nominated Beatworx, Evil Team, the organizing team of Mighty Sounds, and the organizer of the Slovak festival Helfest. The representative of Plzeňský Prazdroj will present the award to the team that pulled together and always managed to handle any situation.

The winners of the NFCtron Awards will be announced on February 29 at the NFCtron Keynote 2024, which will take place at Cinema City Nový Smíchov. The event's capacity is limited, and registration is required for participation.

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