NFCtron Keynote 2024 kicks off on February 29th, marking a new era for NFCtron

NFCtron Keynote 2024, Cinema City Nový Smíchov
We invite you to the 3rd annual NFCtron Keynote, which will take place on February 29, 2024, at Cinema City Nový Smíchov. After a year, organizers of Czech and Slovak festivals, representatives from banks, the fintech scene, and important suppliers for the entire market will once again gather in one place. We will announce significant financial support for festivals in the presence of Jana Lvová, the new General Manager of Mastercard for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Additionally, we will introduce crucial projects that will drive culture in 2024. In the name of challenges.

In 2023, we deployed NFCtron services at 417 events, officially entered Slovakia, and expanded card payments to selected events. The NFCtron system powered transactions at festivals such as Let It Roll, Rock for People, and even the largest concerts in Prague's Letňany, as well as the Lovestream festival in Bratislava. The Prima FRESH Festival series of gastro festivals experimented with card payments throughout the venue and at all stops for the first time, a service we extended to other events throughout the year.

With a constantly expanding development team, we significantly advanced work on the NFCtron Nautilus mobile terminal project and gathered valuable insights for the NFCtron Nebula project.

The year 2024 will be a groundbreaking one for NFCtron. We will introduce a revolutionary mobile application for visitors, advanced analytical tools in NFCtron Hub to streamline your planning, and you can also look forward to new ticket selling options through NFCtron Tickets. In collaboration with Mastercard, we will present the main benefits of the NFCtron Nautilus mobile terminal at festivals. We will unveil the future potential of the new mobile application and what the Nebula project will bring to organizers.

NFCtron Awards 2024

For the first time during NFCtron Keynote, we will announce the NFCtron Awards and recognize interesting ideas and festival innovations driving culture forward. In four different categories, we will present the best organizers from across the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In collaboration with our event team, led by Klára Levá, we have nominated four events or production teams in each category. The winner in each category will receive recognition.

In the category Sustainable Project at the Festival in 2023, we focus on events that support sustainability with their ecological steps and prioritize our planet more than others. We are interested in projects that make entertainment sustainable in the long run. Innovations, including technological ones that enhance the experience and comfort of visitors, vendors, and organizers, are crucial for festivals and culture. We will reveal who was innovative in 2023 in the Most Interesting Festival Innovation of the year category.

When organizing festivals and implementing even the wildest ideas, it is crucial not to be afraid. Festivals that scale, offer new solutions, or simply do things differently will be presented in the Daring Festival of the 2023 category. In the fourth, but equally important category, we will recognize those behind the festivals. In the  category Production Team of the Year 2023, the winning production team is the one on the same cosmic ship, even when things don't go well, capable of improvising and thinking about the smallest details.

Embark on new challenges and open doors to new opportunities with NFCtron. Find out what organizers and event attendees can expect in the upcoming season on February 29th at Cinema City Nový Smíchov. Capacity is limited. Registration is possible on the NFCtron Keynote website until February 20, 2024.

If you are interested in participating, please contact [email protected].

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