NFCtron will distribute CZK 12,000,000 among festivals in the Czech Republic and will participate in the Priceless Planet Coalition

NFCtron and Mastercard
In 2023, we deployed our services at 417 events in the Czech Republic through NFCtron, and with a complete payment system, we also newly entered Slovakia. We announced the development of our own mobile terminal solution, NFCtron Nautilus, and continued work on the Nebula project. Mastercard and NFCtron concluded a memorandum of cooperation until 2028, and at the NFCtron Keynote 2024, we had the opportunity to introduce the first glimpses of this partnership to the festival market and outline what it means for our clients.

We currently have several active projects with Mastercard. In 2024, our clients will gain entirely new opportunities for development and growth as we support selected festivals and concerts across genres and regions, enabling attendees to take new steps to support environmental protection. At NFCtron, we understand the impacts festivals have on our planet. Therefore, we decided to embrace sustainability and offer a solution to the market that has not been available before.

Joining the Priceless Planet Coalition Founded by Mastercard

Sustainability and the theme of reducing the impact of NFCtron activities and those of our clients on the environment are very relevant. We are therefore working on new ways to minimize carbon footprint or at least reduce it as much as possible. Alongside Mastercard, we have accepted the challenge for this year's season and are preparing the option to support tree planting and habitat restoration directly from the NFCtron mobile application.

ℹ You can find information about the Priceless Planet Coalition and associated projects on the Mastercard website.

And what will the involvement itself look like? Festival attendees, vendors, organizers, and NFCtron will be able to contribute to festival forests. Throughout the year, we will enable NFCtron app users to create forests they can monitor and control. Visitors will choose how they want to participate in forest restoration—either with a one-time contribution or by donating, for example, the remainder from their chip to the forest. Festivals themselves can offer trees as an add-on directly with tickets.

Regardless of which support option you choose, one thing is important—every support counts, and you can see your forest growing directly in the NFCtron mobile app.

Supporting CZK 12,000,000 for Czech Festivals and Concerts

Our joint goal with Mastercard is to support projects that improve visitor comfort at events and allow organizers to create new stories and experiences. Thanks to Mastercard, in 2024, we will distribute CZK 12,000,000 among selected concerts and festivals. The possibilities are endless; for example, just securing more interesting performers or higher-quality vendors is a step forward, often lacking finances for organizers.

Organizers who receive financial support, utilize NFCtron services, and are involved in the Nebula project will be among the first events this year to offer attendees the opportunity of a festival forest within the Priceless Planet Coalition.

We will announce specific entities involved before the start of the festival season in April.

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