Events in May with the new NFCtron mobile app

In NFCtron, we've already had the very first events of the season, and in May, 41 more await us! Visitors will also have the opportunity to enjoy festivals and concerts for the first time with the brand-new NFCtron mobile application, which we introduced at the NFCtron Keynote 2024! The application is available for free for iOS operating systems and allows ticket purchases, online credit top-up before the event, expense tracking, or convenient refunding of funds from the chip after the event. And where can you try it out in May?

First May events with the new NFCtron mobile application for iOS

Time for love, May 1st, as every year belongs to the Svátek růžových vín, organized by the wine fund at Vila Richter beneath Prague Castle. Visitors can simply pay with a chip wristband at Czech and Moravian vineyards - they can purchase tastings or whole bottles of the finest rosé wine. They can top up their chip for convenient payment at the event either in advance through NFCtron Tickets or now also directly in the NFCtron mobile application.

On the other side of the river, but primarily on the island, on the same day, the United Islands 2024 event will kick off. Here, on the contrary, visitors can securely and quickly pay by card thanks to the terminal solution in the NFCtron Pay mobile app. Why is this solution the best choice for the event? There's no entrance fee for the festival, so anyone passing by can come to the concert, have a beer, or grab something to eat. This year, everyone from Wenceslas Square through Střelecký Island to Jazz Dock on Janáček Embankment will pay with watches or mobile phones.

NFCtron will once again be used for payments at Rammstein concerts

After two years, the band Rammstein is returning to Prague, and we'll be there! German metal and fast payments from NFCtron will resound at Letňany in Prague on May 11th and 12th. We'll head into the field with a team of over 200 volunteers and nearly 30 star supports. A big challenge lies ahead of us - to maintain the perfect stability of the system even in this year's season.

Apart from Rammstein concerts, attended by tens of thousands of people, during the same period, our supports will also spread to events where wine will flow freely - to Ostrava for the wine event Ostrava žije vínem 2024 and to Velké Žernoseky, where the Žernosecký Košt takes place. At both of these events, it will be possible to pay conveniently with a chip wristband.

The first Prima FRESH Festival and May Days opening the season

The series of gastro festivals, Prima FRESH Festival, will kick off its tour on May 18th in Plzeň. Payment at the event, as well as last year, can be made by card, watch, or phone. If someone doesn't have the option to pay by card, they can top up their chip wristband for payment at the charging point - everyone can enjoy a great gastronomic experience and perfect cuisine. Moreover, Prima FRESH Festival is one of the events that received support in collaboration with Mastercard, which we announced for the 2024 season at the NFCtron Keynote.

Vimperk May Day FestivalPardubice May Day Festival and Šumperk May Day Festival - payment here is done with NFCtron chips. In addition to lightning-fast payments, which work even during peak congestion, organizers will offer visitors the possibility to control their expenses and easily return their cups. With NFCtron, returning the deposit for cups is easy - the visitor's deposit is loaded onto the chip, so they don't have to wait for the vendor to find change for the return, nor worry that they might run out of change.

13 events during one weekend #ThisIsTheWay

In addition to events where we send our star supports and cashiers, there are also a large number of events throughout the season where we only sell tickets or provide remote support. So during the fourth weekend of May, visitors can buy tickets through NFCtron Tickets or in the NFCtron mobile app for events such as TwisrazCHURCH RAVEDětská diskotéka, which will take place in Plzeň, or for the international summit Nasloucháme srdcem. Where will you go?

NFCtron is heading abroad again

But there are also new events awaiting us in Slovakia! One of them is, for example, the RAMPAGE ROAD SHOW BRATISLAVA which takes place on May 25th. For the first joint edition, organizers chose to sell tickets through NFCtron Tickets along with topping up credit before the event during negotiations with Senior Event Specialist, Honza Příhoda. At the event Moderná medicína, TČM & Homeopatia 2024, which takes place on the last day of May in Dúbravka, visitors can buy tickets through NFCtron Tickets.

The door to June will be traditionally opened by Metalfest Open Air and we can't wait anymore! The last week of May will be more than busy - we will also go to the Slavnosti Olomouc or Labefest, where NFCtron payments will be used for the first time! So let's go where you pay with NFCtron.

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