Introducing categories for NFCtron Awards 2025

Introducing the Categories for NFCtron Awards 2025! For the second edition of the awards ceremony, we have prepared a total of 6 categories in which we will recognize innovative organizers, and now also vendors. For the nominations and selection of winners, we will involve external entities for the first time - representatives from banks and winners of NFCtron Awards 2024. In addition to the already traditional 4 categories, you can now look forward to two visitor awards as well.

At the NFCtron Keynote 2024, we introduced awards for organizers for the first time, those who set trends in the market for one-time events and festivals. The winners of the NFCtron Awards in the first edition were festivals such as Rock for People, DRC Derby, Prima FRESH Festival, and the production team Beatworx.

For the second edition of the awards, we have decided to involve more external organizations in the nomination and selection process, which operate in the festival market, internal members of our team, as well as visitors. In addition to the four already traditional categories, two new categories have been created, in which visitors of festivals themselves will vote - through the NFCtron mobile application, as well as on our website What can you look forward to in 2025?

Production Team of the Year 2024

The Production Team of the Year 2024 category will focus on outstanding production values and technical quality, perfect communication across the team throughout the year. The Production Team of the Year 2023 was Beatworx, an organization that hosts festivals such as Let It Roll or Frontline. At Beatworx, they know that without dedication, communication, and good cooperation, quality events could not be created.

In this category, the voting will be done by the NFCtron Events Chapter and the winners of NFCtron Awards 2024.

Sustainable Festival of the Year 2024

Similar to the 2023 season, this year we would like to focus on events and festivals that are advancing in terms of sustainability and ecology. The award in the category Sustainable Project at a Festival in 2023 for the repeated implementation of hydrogen and solar stages for performances, the use of more efficient lighting in the area, and the involvement of electric vehicles was received by Rock for People festival from the organizer Ameba Production as part of NFCtron Awards 2024.

For the evaluation in the Sustainable Festival of the Year 2024 category, we plan to involve significant festival organizers, as well as representatives of the NFCtron Events Chapter.

Exceptional Experience of the Year 2024

Festivals are no longer just about music. Visitors are increasingly focusing on the experience itself - whether it's from the venue, the camp they move into for the duration of the event, the gastronomy zones, or the accompanying program the festival offers.

Who creates interactive experiences will be discovered by a specially selected team of individuals, who will be introduced soon. Voting here will be done by internal members of the NFCtron team across various chapters, significant personalities from the festival and concert market, as well as beyond.

Best Communication of the Year 2024

Perfect communication towards visitors - that's what the fourth category will focus on, specifically digital content of the festival even before the event itself. In this category, we will present events and festivals that offer visitors quality information on an optimized website and on social media. How do events announce news or performers who will perform? Do they communicate with visitors through comments and try to find answers to their questions? We will also be interested in offline communication that visitors see directly at the event.

For nominations in this category, the NFCtron Marketing Chapter will be involved, which assists organizers throughout the season with proper communication regarding payments. In addition to the internal NFCtron team, external marketing agencies and Vertical Production, a company that provides visual materials for NFCtron, will also be involved in selecting the best communicating festivals.

Festival of the Year 2024

All efforts of organizers throughout the year are aimed at visitors enjoying the festival or concert to the fullest. Therefore, visitors should have the opportunity to give feedback on what they experienced and how they liked the event. For NFCtron Awards 2025, we decided to create two categories in which visitors will vote, through the NFCtron mobile application and the website nfctron.comwhich awaits a major transformation before the biggest events of the season.

Festival of the Year 2024 is a category that will present the most interesting and popular festival for visitors. Whether in the Czech Republic or Slovakia - the decision will be solely on the visitors, and we are already curious who will take home this award.

Vendor of the Year 2024

For every event, we deploy NFCtron support to ensure smooth operation and lend a helping hand to cashiers, organizers, and vendors. Vendors are an integral part of festivals and offer visitors something extra. Indian cuisine, sushi, vegan or vegetarian dishes, or breakfast delivered to your tent? At festivals, everyone can choose today. And who will be the best, the visitors will decide!

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