NFCtron enters Slovakia with a new eKasa integration

NFCtron officially enters Slovakia with a complete payment solution, including eKasa integration and modern online ticket sales. The first events have already tested the new solution, and now we are preparing for more upcoming concerts and festivals.

Since 2018, NFCtron implemented its services to more than 660 events across the Czech Republic. Some of the most prominent clients include Live Nation, Ameba Production, and Beatworx. After the successful year 2022, we have received many more demands from the organizers of Slovak one-time events. Therefore, one of our goals for 2023 is to expand NFCtron to Slovakia. The priority was to ensure the same payment convenience for visitors as in the Czech Republic.

Small steps already started in 2018

In 2018, we implemented the NFCtron system at a small gastro festival in Trenčianske Teplice. In 2020, we made our first trip to the Beer Festival in Prešov. Due to the different legislation, and especially the obligation to record revenues in eKasa, our system could work to a limited extent at these events. For example, at the Beer Festival, it was impossible to refund unused credit, and sales could only be transferred to one single company throughout the entire venue.

Expansion to Slovakia in cooperation with Dotypay

For Slovakia, it was necessary to design a solution meeting the local regulations and legislation. Therefore, it was required to prepare several adjustments in the very core of the NFCtron system. We worked with our partner Dotypay, who provided us with certified eKasa devices with the eKasa client app. We integrated these devices with the NFCtron Bianca app for sales and credit top-ups at the event.

Sellers at the events work with the same devices as in the Czech Republic. Still, they run a particular version of the application enhanced with Dotypay device integration and support for fiscalization.

In practice, at the event, the seller asks the visitor if they want a physical receipt or an online one and then creates the order accordingly. If the visitor needs the fiscal receipt online, we display it in the online version of the receipt or in the mobile app. If they want a printed version at the point of sale, the receipt is printed by the Dotypay device.

Before the event starts, the sellers must send us new ORP codes of the POS if they have yet to use NFCtron in Slovakia so that we can configure the devices for the event. This also involves pairing with protected data storage, which can be used repeatedly and stored with us between events.

Fastest Payment as a service

Events with NFCtron system offer visitors the same convenience in Payment both in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We provide on-site support to the organizers and part-time staff to manage top-up points or validate tickets. Sellers and organizers will obtain a complete overview of sales during the event, including feedback from the visitors through the NFCtron mobile app.

Visitors can refund their unused credit free of charge within 14 days after the event ends to any account in the euro payments area.

Lovestream Festival and Helfest set the direction

The first festivals in Slovakia to implement the latest version of the NFCtron system were Lovestream in Bratislava and Helfest in Prešov.

At the three-day Lovestream Festival, we had up to 68 top-up points, more than 260 sales devices, and 135 eKasa terminals in operation. Helfest was our first medium-sized event with 50 sales devices. The NFCtron system processed over 260,000 transactions for both events. In addition, we received precious data and feedback for preparations and improvements for the upcoming festival season.

By 2024, our goal is to implement the NFCtron system at 30 concerts and festivals in Slovakia and acquire over 20 clients for online ticketing. We anticipate that the enhanced system will also be implemented by the Beer Festival in Prešov, which will, for the first time, allow its visitors to refund their unused credits or top-up credits online before the event starts.

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